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DIRT RAG MAGAZINE First Impression: absoluteBlack Oval Chainrings



We acknowledge many people do not fully understand the difference between Biopace and modern oval rings, so here is a small simple image to show the differences. Fell free to share with stubborn friends.

As you can see Biopace was actually, technically speaking, not an Oval shaped ring. 
But the biggest difference is in the timing of the maximum radius of said "oval". Biopace align maximum radius of the ring with the crank arm. So when your legs are vertical you experience maximum effort and when your legs are horizontal on crank - minimum effort.
This timing is completely incorrect to what modern science know by now. Read further.

Modern Oval chainrings like absoluteblack have different shape to Biopace, but most importantly different timing. Countless studies show that human can produce most power when his legs are on the crank just below horizontal (crank arm at 4 o'clock) and can't produce power at all when crank is vertical (6 o'clock). So it makes a lot of sense to use this knowledge and locate biggest part of the oval where you can push more and reduce the effort where you can't produce power at all. This is how modern oval rings work. Based on many studies and calculations. Not a guess, like it was in early 80's without a measuring instruments and computer algorithms available now.

Why many people are confused?
Because Shimano advertised Biopace with similar claims that are used in modern oval rings. Thing is Biopace execution was completely wrong to claims they were giving. Biopace in fact did the opposite to the advertised claims.

Now you know.


We think have found quite a simple way to align the stem with front wheel and wanted to share with you.



For those who wonder if we are going to make new 96BCD Shimano oval chainrings... Yes we are doing them now!. You will see them on website in few weeks time. 


Great article about oval rings from our Czech magazine.


Another brilliant article about our RaceFace oval cinch chainrings. Really worth a read!


We are incredibly busy lately making more new models of chainrings and some other exciting parts. From chainring selection: RaceFace Oval in 34T will be available on around 20th May. New, 94bcd ovals for Sram cranks are already in production and will be on available around 15th May. We are also adding short spindle BB30 direct mount oval chainrings - these should be ready by 5th May on website. There is much more to come in coming months!


Great Oval chainring review from Italian blogger:


Great Oval chainring review from Pink Bike

and German magazine 29inches


We are absolutely stoked to announce that almost all of our products got on the list of "Best of 2015" from World of MTB magazine.

you can get the issue here:


*Black Diamond Hubs. Possibly the best Trail/Enduro hubs you will ever own. They are coming just after Eurobike!.

Bikerumor news


*We will have our booth at Eurobike. So please visit us if you can so see new exciting products! A2-301. We are a pert of Tune gmbh booth.


*We know many of you have been waiting for that long time. We will have soon Sram direct mount BB30 SHORT spindle version.

Our current offering has 6mm inward offset which fits nicely to GXP and long BB30 spindle cranks. But such ring could not clear chainstays for short spindled BB30. So the new spiderless chainring is completely flat and will fit to Short BB30 cranks and Fatbike cranks.

How to distinguish short and long BB30? That is fairly easy.
Short BB30 spindle has 9mm spacer on the drive side. Where long version will have 15mm one.


*We just launched our new exciting product! Singlespeed cog with narrow/wide profile. Go and check this.


*Cassette adapters 28-40T are shipping to all backorders all the time. We estimate to finish shipping to all customers who pre ordered them by Monday/Tuesday. So you will get yours very shortly now. New orders are shipping once we ship backorders first.


*Sram spiderless rings are going to be from now on with Narrow/wide profile. All customers who purchased the rings and are on backorder will receive improved version!. We will also open separate tab with such version on our website once we build more stock to support sales.

*Sram spiderless narrow wide rings are being made as we speak. Customers who purchased 32T size will get rings in about day or two into the post. Next size in production is 34T then 30 and 28. We assume to fulfill all the backorders within a week. As you may know we have moved manufacturer and this caused the delay.


Shimano rings have just been made. Most of you already have 30T in the post. More free stock of 28 & 30T will be with us in about 4 days.


40T rings are now in production! So in about 10-12 days we should have them up on the web to purchase!


For all the Cannondale Hollowgram crank lovers - New spiderless rings with narrow/wide profile will be made by 25th April. Appearance wise they will look very similar to our beloved Sram spiderless rings. Weight will also be very similar. Stay tuned!

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