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At absoluteBLACK we have one major objective – to improve cyclists’ performance through increasing their mechanical and metabolic efficiency during pedalling. We specialize in drivetrain performance by optimizing the chainring shape, reducing chain friction and improving the bicycle-rider contact points. With our own scientific research lab and close collaboration with research institutions Worldwide, we design all our products based on objective scientific data. This separates our approach in bike component design to our competitors.

AbsoluteBLACK Science Lab was established to complete the development process of innovative products in our line. Extensive high-tech equipment to study human movement during cycling under different conditions allows us to test the products and at the same time to identify problems that cyclists face. This in turn gives our development team information to design solutions and make cycling effective, comfortable and safer. The Science Lab is based in Slovenia, Europe and is equipped with a 6-camera based high resolution 3D motion capturing system, one-of-a-kind scientific force pedals - Forped, saddle pressure mapping, metabolic chart, VO2 monitor and a platform to simulate uphill cycling among other things. The facilities are led by a sport scientist Dr Borut Fonda with over 10 years of experiences in cycling industry.

Dr Borut Fonda, Lead scientist

Borut is the head of the science lab and absoluteBLACK lead scientist. He is a former cross-country mountain biker with now over 10 years in cycling biomechanics optimisation business. He completed his undergrad degree in physical conditioning at the University of Ljubljana and masters study of exercise physiology at the University of Primorska. He has a doctoral degree from the University of Birmingham in the UK with a research focus in biomechanics, motor control and ergonomics during cycling. He was the program director of S2P Cycling Science and a founder of a brand Forped - innovative force pedals that are still used only by the best cycling institutions around the globe. He designed the multiple times awarded patent – an adjustable seat post. Borut is also strongly present in the scientific community with many scientific and professional publications to his name on topics including motor control, biomechanics, recovery and ergonomics. He is a frequent invited speaker at the biggest sport science conferences and symposiums.


We are an official partner for Team UAE where we provide our absoluteBLACK scientific biomechanical optimization services to all the team riders. We also collaborate with many other teams that require confidentiality.

Pictured: Tadej Pogacar. Young, extremely talented rider of UAE team. Winner of Yellow, White and Polka dot jersey at le Tour de France 2020, National Road and Cyclocross champion.

Want to improve your efficiency?

We offer our scientific biomechanical optimization services to open public as well. If you are interested in increasing your mechanical efficiency and ride faster please visit here: Bike Fit Lab. This service is a bespoke solution, per appointment only

These are our proprietary scientific force pedals. Forped is a unique tool for cycling biomechanics diagnostics to record 3-dimensional forces and torques at the pedals. The system is wireless with instant data acquisition and provides us with a detailed insight into cycling mechanics

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