Bike fitting – more than just body positioning

AbsoluteBLACK is taking bike fitting to another level. By combining the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and the best personnel, we offer one of a kind bike fitting experience that will make you one with the bike. Years of scientific studies and cooperation with Pro Tour teams enable us to offer unmatched fitting capabilities in terms of body geometry, but most importantly in terms of biomechanical & matabolic efficiency on the bike. Our absoluteBLACK Science Lab is located in Slovenia (EU), easily accessible by plane or car.

Laboratory and equipment

AbsoluteBLACK Science lab will welcome you in a clean and comfortable environment and will only use the best and most accurate tech to quantify the movement on the bike. We form a strong partnership with all manufacturers of the equipment we use in the Science Lab, which essentially allow us to have always the latest protocols and updates.


Forped is our unique tool for cycling biomechanics diagnostics to record 3-dimensional forces and torques at the pedals. The system is wireless with instant data acquisition and provides us with a detailed insight into cycling mechanics. The Forped pedals allow us to:

  • optimise the pedal stroke and improve mechanical effectiveness;
  • identify risk factors and prevent non-traumatic injury occurrence;
  • get detailed insight on pedal load and understand/correct the mechanisms behind non-traumatic injuries;
  • understand how pedalling mechanics changes at different intensities and fitness levels.


A 6-camera based full body 3D kinematics allow us to monitor changes in segment angles and body movement at different body positions. The data is acquired, processed and displayed at a high frame rate of 100 Hz resulting in a very accurate interpolation even at higher cadences. The system also allows us to measure the final geometry of the bicycle and its components at very high level of accuracy.


Pressure mapping at the saddle enables the analysis and optimization of the point of contact at the saddle. We use the latest saddle pressure mapping tech and software with 64 sensors in a thin saddle mat with data wirelessly transmitted to the computer at high frame rate. The saddle pressure system allows us to:

  • measure the pressure distribution in different seating and handle bar positions;
  • compare different saddle types;
  • display the results though a colour scale or a 3D pressure chart easily understandable by a client;
  • analyse any asymmetries and seating orientation.

We also posses VO2 monitor, platform to simulate uphill cycling, large selection of different saddles to test best shape, Full selection of absoluteBLACK oval chainrings to test, different lengths of cranks to test, massage table to relax muscles before bike fitting and many more.


Road bike fit
TT/TRI bike fit
Detailed interview
Physical evaluation off the bike
Foot assessment and cleat set-up
Pedal force/torque analysis
Full body 3D kinematics
Body positioning based on force effectiveness 
Saddle pressure mapping 
Testing different saddles
Testing foot orthotics and pedal stability
Detailed body kinematics report
Detailed body dynamics report
Detailed pressure mapping report
Detailed bike geometry and setup report
Pedalling technique corrections with direct feedback
3D aero scans of 3-5 different positions
Time required
3 h
3-4 h
370 €
450 €

Before you visit:

  • For any appointment selected, bring all your normal cycling clothing, a clean bike and any frequently used accessories (e.g. aerobars).
  • If you have booked a bike fitting for your Triathlon or TT bike, bring your race clothing, helmet, sunglasses and your nutrition/hydration components.
  • If you have saddles/stems or other components that you think we could use in the process, please feel free to bring those along.


This service is a bespoke solution and therefore is per appointment only. If you are interested in booking an appointment or have any questions please contact our scientist Dr Borut Fonda at:

We offer help with hotel accommodation in the close proximity of our Lab (good selection), finding great restaurants with local cuisine, arranging taxi from/to the airport and of course showing you spectacular roads where you can test your new body position.We strongly recommend booking min 2-3 days to explore the area on and off the bike.


AbsoluteBLACk Science Lab is located in the heart of Europe - Slovenia. Easily accessible from all parts of the world, great cycling infrastructure with amazing landscape and rich cycling history.

The lab is based in a small town Radovljica, just a few minutes from famous Bled lake, surrounded with mountains providing great cycling routes to test your new position on the spot.

Slovenia is a member of the European Union and Schengen with EUR currency. Considered as one of the safest countries in the world where Everyone speaks English.


By airplane:

Ljubljana International airport: 10-minute drive away

Klagenfurt airport (Austria): 45-minute drive away

Zagreb International airport: 2h drive away (Croatia -not in Schengen)

Venice Marco Polo International airport (Italy): 2h 45-minute drive away.

You can contact us for assistance to get to Radovljica. We recommend renting a car at the airport to get more freedom and see amazing places while you are here.

Lake Bled - only 20min riding by bike from the Lab. It also has great selection of hotels.

Mangart pass. An epic 120km bike ride loop with more then 50km uphill. Beginning of the trail is less than 40min by car from the Lab.


Pro Tour Team UAE Emirates - we are an official supplier of Scientific biomechanical optimization services

Jaroslav Kovačič, professional long distance triathlete

Team BTC City Ljubljana, women’s professional cycling team

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