absoluteBlack: House of World's finest oval chainrings

We're passionate about creating light and durable bicycle parts that look as good as they perform.

Every part we create is designed with riders like you in mind. We use cutting-edge 3D CAD software for optimum accuracy, giving us the freedom to create beautiful yet remarkably rugged parts that are made to last.

Our fully-integrated FEA system enables us to analyze and optimize every design to minimize mass and maximize strength.

Every prototype is rigorously tested for endurance before going to our pro riders for performance testing.

We continually refine all of our parts until we're satisfied that they are the most attractive, highest quality, and most advanced bicycle parts available – and we provide them to you at a competitive price.

Our Company

AbsoluteBlack is a family-owned, rider-developed company. Our design office is based in London, United Kingdom.

Our products are manufactured at our production and dispatch facility in Opole, Poland (EU) from German raw material, then skillfully anodized in the United Kingdom. Because of our attention to every detail, we’re proud to produce bicycle parts with an unbeatable combination of styling, performance, and precision.

About the Founder

Martin, founder of absoluteBlack, is a Polish/British engineer, designer and former Trek Bicycle Corp. employee. He combines an extensive engineering background in physics and CAD design with in-depth bicycle industry knowledge to create innovative bike parts with peerless aesthetics and performance.

Connect with absoluteBlack

Click here to contact us, or visit absoluteBlack on Facebook to see what we're up to next. You can also visit our sister company BLACKseries.cc, created to offer a unique perspective on AbsoluteBLACK's state-of-the-art products.

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