Demo an oval

Testing an absoluteBLACK oval is believing. If there is no bike guide/tour company or local shop's demo/rental fleet near you offering our oval rings, let us know.

Freeride Madeira mtb holiday company

Freeride Madeira is Madeira’s mountain biking market leader, offering a wide range of guided tours and services related to biking. The company started back in 2009 with the goal of promoting the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic' as a mountain bike heaven, where you’re able to ride 365 days per year, exploring a unique and varied trail network. If you have never been to Madeira - it's about time!.

Visit Freeride Madeira and test oval chainrings now

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basqueMTB Holiday Company

basqueMTB is a mountain bike holiday company based on the Basque Coast of Spain and Pyrenees mountains. They offer uplift assisted holidays with epic trails and local culture.

Visit basqueMTB to test oval chainrings



Himalayan Rides mtb holiday company

Himalayan Rides is a tour company specialized mountain bike trips that operates in the Himalayas of Nepal. Himalayan Rides design and execute top class mountain bike holidays on behalf of partner companies from all over the world.

Visit Himalayan Rides to test oval chainrings



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