Beach Racing Oval chainrings 104bcd

Color : Black
Variant : 42TSize Guide

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absoluteBLACK Premium 1X 104bcd Beach Racing oval chainrings designed specifically for riding in wet and dry sea sand. Excellent durability even in the harshest beach racing conditions. Delivered with mounting bolts for your convenience. Oval chainrings help to pedal smoother, get less tired and reduce knee pain.

Size (Mass +/-1g):

42T (74g), 44T (80g), 46T (86g) comes with 4 AL bolts (weight given for chainring only)




Shimano Alivio and all other road 104bcd cranks. Not compatible with Sram Flat Top chain and Shimano HG+


cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction


type II anodizing


10.5% ; Timing of 112° after TDC (top dead center) - Patent Pending


Advantages of our special Beach Racing Oval chainrings:

*Excellent durability even in the harshest salt spray conditions.
*One of a kind special oval shape (Patent Pending).
*Unique Patent Pending narrow-wide teeth profiles optimized specifically for riding in the sand.
*Superb quality and great look.
*You will ride faster using ovals.
*Reduces stress on knees and helps to maintain your legs fresher for longer
*You will not "feel" the oval shape

How to mount 104bcd Oval chainring:

You may need to remove crank from the bike. Once removed, unscrew 4 bolts that hold original chainring. Position absoluteBLACK oval chainring in front of the crank spider in the way that 4 protrusions on the chainring holes fit directly into the crank tabs. The triangular mark on the inner circumference of the chainring should also sit directly behind the crank arm. Use provided bolts to lock the chainring in place using T-30 torx key with force of about 5-7Nm. Mount your crank back to the bike. Done

Always use a new chain with a new chainring.

Designed in UK. Manufactured in Poland (EU).

The World's finest oval (elliptical) road chainring. Non circular chainrings, Non-round chainrings. Asymmetrical chainrings.

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