RAVEN 105g rotor

RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor

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Single ring bolts to mount Absoluteblack chainrings to the crank arms. Bolts have torx T30 interface for greater reliability.

 Which bolts you should order: 

"Short" for:

*104bcd Oval 34 / 36T

*110/4 and 110/5 CX Oval: 38T

*104bcd round 32 / 34 / 36 / 38T


"Long" for:

* 110/4 & 110/5 bcd for outer+inner ROAD Oval chainrings

* 130/5 bcd for outer+inner ROAD Oval chainrings

* 104bcd Oval 26 / 28 / 32T

* 64bcd round 26 / 28 / 30T 

* 94bcd Oval 30 / 32 / 34T

* all CX Round rings 


* For 30T 104bcd - bolts are included in the price of chainring already.

* For XT M8000 and XTR M9000 - use original Shimano bolts that come with crank.

* For Sram Road Oval chainrings - use original Sram bolts that come with crank.

* If you change Road inner oval chainring only and keep outer as round - use original bolts.

Important note for CX Round ring users only:

Sometimes there may be a need to file down female nuts to achieve proper fit. This is because each crank has tabs of different thickness and it is not possible to make "one fit all" solution. Bolts itself are fine.

MTB users will not have to do any modifications to bolts or nuts. 

Size (Mass +/-1g):

set of 4 (6,2g), set of 5 (7,9g)



Key required

Torx T30


cnc machined 7075


type II anodizing

MSRP: from £11 only ...... . .

paypal safe purchase

Designed in UK

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