absoluteblack ambassadors

Ambassadors inspire us all to get on our bikes, go out there and ride. If you would like to become one, then [apply here]

Lee Chang Young, MTB Coach at the LCY MTB Academy.

Emmet Callaghan, Ireland’s MTB Enduro Champion.

John Arias, Pro Cyclist & Coach at Global Elite.

Matt Surch, Multiple top 3 at Gravel and Cyclocross Events.

Jesse Smith, CX and MTB Racer for Team DRT.

Conny Björnehall, TeamChef - Team Merida Cykelvasan.

Emil Stoynev, XCM Bulgarian National Champion.

Marek Konwa silver U23 World Champion MTB

Bobby Thompson, Gravel Racer/Rider from Emporia Kansas.

Matt Mooney, MTB Fitness Founder and Coach.

Jeni Boltshauser, MTB Experience Founder.

Antonio Ovalle, Elite Enduro racer.

Rasmus Skovbo, MTB rider for team Sporguide.dk

Nam Ki Won, Coach at the Mountain Bike Academy

Damien Salerno, Elite Racer for Team Donger Mfg.

Carl Kelleher, Sherwood Pines Cycle-ENVE Team

Luis Lopes, Portuguese MTB Guide and Adventurer

Luis Lopes, Portuguese MTB Guide and Adventurer

Ben Skinner-Watts, Enduro MTB Racer and Adventurer

James Rennie, Top 5 Enduro Racer in British Columbia

Daniel Kristensen, MTB rider for Sporguide.dk

Felipe Vial, Top 3 Enduro Racer in Chile

Alex Boday, Elite Enduro Mountain Bike Racer

Felix Prisco, Elite Enduro Mountain Bike Racer

Cindy Montambault, Professional Cross Country Mountain Biker

Ingrid Richter, Mountain Bike and Adventure racer

BCN Biker Team, Mountain Bike Enduro Club Team and Club

Nils Münster-Kistner, Austrian Elite Triathlete and Iron Man

Frans Claes, Belgian Cross Country Marathon Champion

Amy Morrison, Women’s Pro Champion, California Enduro Series 2016

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