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What are absoluteBlack customers saying?

“ Finally! Climbing gearing for “regular” riders who need help climbing! Beautifully crafted and easy to install. Husband and I both have Subcompact 46/30 on our Trek Domane’s. Gearing made the ride easier and much more fun! Highly recommend these rings!!.”
– Jean, USA

"My pedal stroke felt more natural and the cranks were easier to turn. My low gear felt lower, and my high gear felt higher, like my gear range expanded. Can't wait to log more miles!"
– Max, Santa Monica, CA

"After doing 300km on a 34t oval chain ring, I’m completely sold. It has truly opened up certain climbs that I could never clear before. Double thumbs up! Truly awesome."
– JC, South Africa

"I'll never use a regular round chain ring again. Much more power when going uphill. When warming up, I simply ran out of gears. ;-)"
– Søren, Sweden

"Performs as good on the bike as it looks off the bike. No dropped chain, near silent running. Well done on designing a quality product that works so well."
– Darren, UK

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