Premium CX oval Chainrings

Get one of our exclusive oval chainrings Today and use it for 30 days... If you're not delighted with your purchase and feeling the benefit in your legs, then we'll exchange your oval for a round ring free-of-charge.

You don't have to try our ovals, but be sure if your friends use it or racing rivals, they will ride faster than you. Our Premium, Patent Pending Ovals are enjoyed by tens of thousands of customers around the World.

We mastered our oval chainrings to perfection, so you can get best possible advantage from the oval/elliptical shape.


Why choose Premium absoluteBLACK Oval chainrings

Because we live to create finest design, use best materials possible, high-tech cnc machines and spend countless hours in refining the quality of each product. AbsoluteBlack Oval chainring concept improves rider efficiency to unleash your true potential. Designed with both CX and Gravel riders in mind. All chainrings are compatible with 10 and 11 speed drivetrains. Perfect for Singlespeed use as well. 

Why switch to Absoluteblack OVAL chainrings

Absoluteblack Oval chainrings are not Biopace

Other elliptical chainrings on the market

Clocking (timing) and shape of the oval are the most crucial parts of the design. Ride quality of Absoluteblack Oval ring will be different to ovals from brand X or Y. 2 years of development of our ovals resulted in commercially most successful product of its kind. AbsoluteBlack is the First company who managed to successfully popularize ovals in mountainbike sport. Please note: Other manufacturers offer one timing and ovality setting for all chainring sizes, but pedaling behavior changes with each size considerably. To optimize for this, every chainring size needs to be a bit different. For example the smaller the chainring size the bigger the ovality has to be to help climb steeper hills more effectively. This is where we specialize in and optimize every size to particular pedaling style. This is also why we do not provide information about timing and exact ovality of the chainring as each one is different.

Watch how to find and cut correct chain length for your 1X drivetrain with Oval or round chainring.

Secret to longer chainring life. How to reduce chainring wear.

How to tension the chain with Absoluteblack oval (elliptical) chainring on Singlespeed (mtb and CX) 
Position the crank between 3 & 4 o’clock (largest part of the chainring will face up) and then tighten the chain the same way as you would on a round ring.

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