GRAPHENwax ®- World's Best Hot Melt Chain Wax Lubricant V2

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World's first hot melt chain wax formula with Graphene for use in crockpots just got better. Our V2 formulation lasts longer than any other hot melt wax in wet and dry contamination, has even lower friction and withstands higher ambient temperatures thanks to a completely redeveloped wax blend. We combined 3 years of customer feedback to create an even better product. GRAPHENwax ® - Quiet, clean, less flaky than paraffin and easy to break in formula. It exhibits excellent dirt-protecting capabilities and durability whilst maintaining impressively low friction for a prolonged period of time in dry and mixed conditions. Easy to break in after the chain cools down. Our wax doesn't leave any marks thanks to our proprietary formula. It is the First and only chain wax formula with true graphene powder. Protected by several patents.

It's everything you wished for in a hot melt wax. Perfect for Road, Triathlon, Gravel, Mtb and E-bike. Keeps your drivetrain clean. Can be used along with GRAPHENlube ®. It's the quietest hot melt wax you will ever use.

Stays on the chain and doesn’t flake too much

" I switched over from a paraffin/PTFE blend to this a couple of seasons ago, and it's fantastic. It binds really well to my chains and doesn't flake like paraffin. "

My chain is like new after 4000 km

" I use this wax from february, 4000 km with that wax... submerge the chain at 300-400 km, and zero chain wear...its like my kmc gold sl is new. "

Incredible performance

" Absolute best on the market.....a bit messy , but that's the sacrifice you make."

GRAPHENE content

We use a proprietary blend of graphene particles of various sizes, produced by one of the world's best graphene manufacturers located in the UK. Countless R&D hours and tests on our one-of-a-kind testing machine, allowed us to find the best blend and amount to achieve the lowest possible friction. Simply throwing in "some graphene" to a wax blend, would result in average performance.

Unlike other Hot Melt waxes, GRAPHENwax ® V2 not only exhibits the lowest friction but also lasts longer and is much easier to use. Our wax flakes less than paraffin during the chain movement, meaning you have more wax that protects the drivetrain for longer. It can also withstand those hot days when other wax lubricants simply melt off your chain. GRAPHENwax ® will not stain your fingers when handling the chain and it's the quietest wax coating you will use.

GRAPHENwax ® and our World Tour-winning GRAPHENlube go very well together. If you plan longer rides you can "top it up" with GRAPHENlube ®. The chain will not require re-cleaning.

Why we don't use Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) additives.

While these substances can exhibit super low friction, they do it only in vacuum or inert gas. In normal humid air they not only have high friction but also a very short life because of the rapid oxidation process.

We also don't use any oils or paraffin oils in the mixture because it adversely impacts friction.

Because of the complex manufacturing process the graphene wax is only produced in limited quantities at a time and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.


340g / 12 oz . +/- 4%. Each box contains 4 "squares"


Wax is black, but on the chain looks transparent. Doesn't leave marks.


Hydrocarbon waxes containing special mix of high purity Graphene. It does not contain any harmful solvents

Why Pliable GRAPHEN wax is better than any other hot melt formula:

*It is much easier to brake-in the chain.
*It's the most quiet hot melt wax you will ever use.
*It flakes less than paraffin, meaning you have more wax that protects the drivetrain for longer.
*It's quiet for a long time because it sticks better to the side of link plates enhancing the shifting performance
*Lasts longer thanks to wax flexibility and Graphene additive
*Delivers incredibly low friction for much longer than any other wax.
*Doesn't melt off your chain on a hot day.

lab test findings - Wet and grit test

Graph1-8. Power Loss vs distance travelled among different hot wax lubricants. Results from our one of a kind friction testing machine; single wax application throughout the entire test. Chains driven at 250W resistance, 100rpm cadence, 40km/h speed, 25deg C and 40% humidity. Test continued until chain reached 10W losses. Chains and testing machine had around 40km warmup/break-in period (Baseline measured a the end of break-in)

This test reveals how wax and its friction changes over driven kilometers on a single wax application when adding water+grit+diesel to mimic wet road conditions. It is a common knowledge, hot wax lubes don't last for too long while riding on wet roads because such conditions are more abrasive to wax. Hence conducting wet test is a good way of testing durability and longevity. Test measures baseline friction after break-in period and after that 100ml of water + 1% of Al2O3 + 2% of diesel (mimicking dirty water on the road) is sprayed onto the chain for about a minute. Then it is driven for 20km to stabilize the friction and the measurement is taken. Test is continuously repeated in 20km intervals until the chain reaches over 10W in frictional losses. The higher the number the more Watts you are losing. As demonstrated, after 160km of the test only GRAPHENwax was still recording below 10W losses.

How long does the box of GRAPHEN wax last:

Each chain treatment uses only 3-4g (0.14oz) of wax if you let it drip back into the crockpot while it dries. We actually weighed it. If you clean your chain with boiling water (see video below), let it dry and then wax, you could get around 62 treatments and still have 100g (3.5oz) left in the pot to guarantee full immersion of the chain. It's only a matter of how much you contaminate the wax or how well you clean the chain with boiling water prior to every waxing. Wax will still last the same number of applications regardless of cleaning, but if you contaminate the wax too much, it will no longer be as effective.

It's like walking in the house with shoes on. The floor is clean as long as you clean your shoes every time you enter the house.

The Product

In simple terms, it’s a wax with a specially modified crystalline structure and a mix of additives with high-purity graphene which makes it pliable. Wax-based lubricants exhibit far greater tolerance to water and dirt contamination, successfully separating moving chain parts from abrasion and filling in all the imperfections on friction surfaces. Graphene – the wonder material that is still not commonly used because of its incredibly high cost, is a great additive for a few reasons. It has extremely low friction coefficient in all environments, is far stronger than any known material to a man and it can cling to metal protecting friction surfaces from excessive abrasion. Moreover, it repels the water and is not permeable to air reducing therefore oxidative stress on the metal surface. Even a single atom layer is enough to reduce friction considerably.

How to lubricate your chain with GRAPHENwax ® V2

FIRST CHAIN PREPARATION: Take the chain off the bike or use a brand new chain and clean it using a solvent (like White Spirit or mineral turps) by immersing the chain completely in the solvent for 20-60min using the poly bag that was delivered with the wax (Use gloves). Shake the bag with chain for 2min at the end. Take the chain out and let it fully dry (10-12h - super important). Optionally you can rinse the chain at this point with 98% alcohol to remove any remaining residue. Once the chain is fully dry (10-12h) you can apply the wax normally as instructed below. Solvent cleaning is only needed for the first time to remove the oils.

1. After that , If the chain is dirty, you can clean it by simply pouring hot water on the chain and letting it dry Cleaning the chain this way doesn't contaminate the wax in crockpot, making it useful for longer.

2. Melt the GRAPHENwax ® in the crockpot (slow cooker) in the usual manner on medium heat. Melt it completely. Our wax melts at around 70°C (160°F) but you should heat it to around 90-100°C (194-212°F)

3. Fully immerse the chain into the molten wax and wait until the wax buildup on the chain melts again (min 10-15min - IMPORTANT!). The best way to do this is to use a wire metal clothes hanger by threading both ends of the chain on the hanger.

4. Agitate the chain gently (up, down, left right) in the liquid wax (using the coat hanger) for about 3-5min to make sure that the wax goes into the pins. Links need bending movement in order for the wax to get in.

5. Take the chain out, hang it, then gently wipe the excess of the wax from the chain side plates and let it cool for about 15min.

5. After FULLY cooling to room temperature (min 40min), simply hold your chain in one hand and brake all the links with the other.


* Chain squeaks only after a few hours of dry riding. - It means there is wax starvation caused by improper waxing. Make sure the wax temperature is correct (this is Crucial), make sure to wait a minimum of 10-15min after immersing the chain in the wax before agitating because the chain needs to heat up to the same temperature - you cannot rush it. Inserting a cold chain into hot wax dramatically decreases wax temperature. So you need to let it heat up again. Agitate the chain for 3-5min in a way to bend as many chain links as possible.

* Wax flakes off on my turbo-trainer sessions. - It means you didn't wipe the chain after hanging it to dry. Make sure the waxing temperature is right (it's crucial). After swishing, hang the chain and wipe it with a paper towel/cloth on the outside plates then let it cool. Once cooled run it through your gloved hand to break the links.


Please remember that melted wax is very hot, so you should always wear appropriate protective clothing, leather gloves and safety glasses. Never leave the working crockpot unattended. After use, turn the crockpot off and make sure the still hot melted wax is not reachable by children or other unauthorized people. Use only a crockpot (slow cooker) to melt the wax. Never use oven, microwave or stove. Never exceed the temperature of 100°C (212°F). Never expose to open flame. Keep away from children. Use in a well-ventilated space.

Re-waxing intervals:

GRAPHENwax ® coating will last on the chain for approximately 450 km (280 mi) in dry road conditions. The longevity of the coating will be reduced in dusty/off-road conditions. When the chain starts sounding dry, it is time to re-wax. When riding in rain/wet conditions, the chain should be re-waxed after each ride. This is inherent to all hot melt waxes no matter the brand, and cannot be avoided.

If your rides are often in mud/rain we recommend our amazing GRAPHENlube, which will greatly reduce the maintenance intervals.

Designed in UK. Manufactured in Poland (EU).

GRAPHENwax ® is a registered trademark of absoluteBLACK. Lubricant composition protected by USA and EU patents and pat. pend. applications EP3683291, US20200231813A1. #GRAPHENwax, #chainlube, #chainwax

Safety Data Sheet for this product is not required (according to REACH regulations) but it can be provided on request.