It’s Black, light and titanium.

These unique iso rotors are comprised of the same excellent braking pattern as the Raven SL centerlock rotors. Their state of the art „coating” makes them incredibly durable and light. Unlike any other, this one actually grows into and out of parent material under extreme heat and pressure, making it almost impossible to wear out. Such treating of titanium alloy was developed for NASA space program purposes and is by far the best known method of improving titanium durability and wear.


49g and 40g +/- 1g


160mm, 140mm


Titanium Ti6Al4V, water jet cut, grinded, vacuum heat treated, 1.8mm thick


ceramic crystallization from parent material, black color

Coefficient of friction:

around 0.7


XC racing, cross country, trail

Pads recommendation:

organic or semi-metallic

Weight Limit (rider, bike, gear):

aggressive use-95kg (209lbs); recreation-105kg (231lbs)

Rotors availability - TBD

Price? For now we can say it will be less than £140!

Made in UK

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