RAVEN 105g rotor

RAVEN 105g rotor

RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor RAVEN 105g rotor

Raven is designed to surprise. Its massive braking surface has the ability to stop you in any condition. The proprietary leading edge shape keeps the rotor cool and clean from the mud. While the ultralight aluminium spider works as a heat sink, it helps to maintain maximum performance when needed. All of this is created in a state of the art form. Find out more under the „design” tab.


105g +/- 1g


160mm, (140mm and 180mm available soon)


aircraft spec. solid billet cnc machined 7075 T651 aluminium

Spider Finish:

type II anodizing, black


martensitic 420 stainless steel, laser cut, grinded, vacuum heat treated, 1.7mm thick


custom M4, Ti6Al4V (grade 5) titanium

Thermal Paste:

Silicon based (used on the joints)


not included (available separately)


XC racing, cross country, trail, cyclocross and road

Pads recommendation:

organic or semi-metallic

Weight Limit (rider, bike, gear):

aggressive use-95kg (209lbs); recreation-105kg (231lbs)

Product available soon.

Price: £99 only (121€)

Replacement friction ring: £35 (43€)

Made in UK

Proud to inform you that Silver World Champion Marek Konwa is using our Raven rotors!

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