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Get one of our premium oval chainrings Today and use it for 30 days... If you're not delighted with your purchase and feeling the benefit in your legs, then we'll exchange your oval for a round ring free-of-charge.




We mastered our oval chainrings to perfection, so you can get best possible advantage from the oval shape.



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$16.00 USD






Why choose Premium absoluteBLACK Oval chainrings

Absoluteblack believe that using oval chainrings bring significant efficiency advantages to cyclists. Oval chainrings do not produce more power, they allow you to unleash your true potential. They achieve this by optimising the pedalling torque you generate, reducing your effort on the climbs and increasing your speed at the same time - so you can be faster and more efficient. Naturally, we’re obsessed with making the finest oval chainrings in the world. We do this by spending countless hours refining the design and detail of each product. Then we use the best possible materials and high-tech, state-of-the-art CNC milling machines to produce oval chainring perfection. All Absoluteblack chainrings are compatible with 10 and 11 speed drivetrains.  

Our premium, Patent Pending Oval chainrings let you achieve higher average speed during the ride, reduce muscle fatigue, prevent cramps and reduce peak loads on your knees. Find out more on each product page or in the video below.

Why switch to Absoluteblack OVAL chainrings on the Road

How to adjust front derailleur with absluteBLACK Road Oval chainrings

Absoluteblack Oval chainrings are not Biopace

Other elliptical/oval chainrings on the market

Clocking (timing) and shape of the oval are the most crucial parts of the design. Ride quality of Absoluteblack Oval ring will be different to ovals from brand X or Y. 2 years of development of our ovals resulted in one of the most successful products of its kind. AbsoluteBlack is the First company who managed to successfully popularize ovals in mountainbike sport.

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