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#102 36T Shimano 4B Road OvalRichard 2017-04-14 06:22
Difficult to describe the feeling but I can say that you cannot feel the difference in pedalling action. However that said I can absolutely say that Cadence has increased along with smoothness, it's a very subtle effect. If you are unconvinced try the small ring first. Point to note this is not going to turn you into Peter Sagan, but you will feel better after a ride and pedal more smoothly. I am now purchasing the Large Oval to see the effect. Also zero chain drops or problems on a 3 hour ride.

Richard, Suffolk
#101 36t an ovalJustin 2017-04-05 05:47
Last week I converted my Specialized carbon Stumpjumper HT to a 1x10 with 36t ab oval chainring and an 11-42 cassette. I was taking a bit of a risk riding the new setup in one of the gnarliest XC races I've ever ridden, but on Saturday that's what I did. XC race SoNoMás is 34 miles long with 7,000ft of climbing (not a typo!) and the 36t x 11-42 was purrrrfect. 8th place, cat 1. Granted, I did need my granny gear, but I didn't need more. This is my second bike now sporting an ab oval ring, and I have total confidence in the Absolute Black product.
#100 Oval CX/Gravel 1X Direct Mount SramHerman 2017-03-29 10:30
Wonderful product, am pleasantly surprised by the smooth rotation of the pedals!!
I have no time having to get used to the Oval,rides great!!
I'm going to mount them on my other bikes i am a fan for sure!!
Thanks Guy's
View the pics of my Koga Beach racer with Oval in the Gallery!!
#99 Race face direct mountLee 2017-03-14 09:06
I've ridden for years but sometime ago l developed severe knee pain some hours after riding. The pain was so bad it either kept me awake at night or woke me up. I was getting to the point where l was looking to give up riding.

By pure chance l read the oval rings could relieve knee pain. I was hopeful but sceptical. After 12 months of using the ring, l've never looked back. No pain at all. I did have a twinge after a couple of weeks and thought I'd found a short lived solution, but it was a one off. A life saver for me.

In terms of how the ring feels to use, l can't say l've ever noticed the ovalisation. Power delivery is definitely smoother, but from my perspective that's just and added bonus.

Just ordered another ring for a new bike.
#98 Oval 104bcd 30tJake 2017-02-02 20:29
I converted my 2x10 to 1x11 and chose the 30t oval and Shimano 11/46 cassette to keep the lowest gear ratio close to what the 2x10 provided. It turned out perfect. Just as advertised, it is easier on steep climbs with less stress on my knees, I really notice the difference.
#97 Winter oval road chainringsAlan Renshaw 2017-01-10 20:26
I have been running my single oval ring now for almost 4 months and approximately 5 weeks ago purchased 2 winter road rings and a bash guide to go on my mountain bike. As usual the quality is superb, fitting instructions very clear and the customer service second to none. The oval rings continue to impress me and have made a genuine difference to my riding particularly as suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees. There does not seem to be as much stress on my knees and they don't ache when I have completed my rides. I am so pleased with the oval rings I am going to purchase 2 premium oval road rings for my carbon road bike once winter is over. Keep up the good work, the futures bright the futures oval.
#96 Road Premium Oval Chains RingJoe 2017-01-06 20:00
Hi Absolute Black,

Setup:Shimano 5800 105 50/34.
After a month of riding on your prem. oval chains rings I have nothing negative to say. I'm absolutely impressed how well they shift, which was my biggest fear. If your thinking of updating your 105 crank or ultegra crank don't, just slap on these chain rings and your good to go!
#95 Oval 104bcd 32tEthan 2016-12-28 22:12
I got an 11-36 casette with a two by, And I switched to the absolute black oval chain ring, and it felt like I had the same range of a two-by. It also doesn't lose traction under power. I can't recommend this enough
#94 32T SRAM direct Oval chainringneil B 2016-12-23 18:38
Hi guys,
I just removed my AB Oval 32 SRAM direct ring as the cassette and the KMC X10SL Ti chain had eventually worn after 16 months of UK riding, quite some of that riding in mud and grit. That's pretty impressive. The drivetrain felt totally fine ’til last week, then some gears just began to skip at the back. The Oval ring was to worn for a new chain though. (unsurprisingly).
Next time I’ll rotate 3 chains as absoluteBLACK now recommend.
For the Winter I've put an older 28t non oval AB ring on there, as it had been in the spares box since July '15 when I fitted the 32. That 28 had gone through the foul conditions of Winter of 14/15 and is still going strong (it was packed away with it's original chain and cassette, I’m pleased to say).
I'd kinda expected the 28 to be a touch easier to climb with which would be useful for the mud that is here now, but, I feel it's no easier than the 32, and the 32 oval was so much "smoother". Smoother in both spinning and when climbing out of the saddle.
I'll back on a new 32 oval as soon as I can put some wear on that 28 for sure.

Thanks absoluteBLACK, great quality gear in a world of built in obsolescence. Recommended 100% for design quality and build quality.
#93 oval chainringTamas Kovacs 2016-12-13 00:46
I was initially skeptical about the oval chainring as I am somewhat familiar with the old designs that didn't really take off, but I was going to give it a try. My first ride on them had a long sustained climb and I noticed a huge difference right off the bat! Just like I've read, it feels more round than a round chainring, especially on long sustained climbs. Amazing product! Another important thing is that it looks awesome!

Thanks guys for great, high quality products!
#92 SS Cog 16TOscar 2016-12-03 05:53
Thought I should go a bit harder on the SS and replace my AB 18T cog with a 16T. As it turned out my 18T cog had snapped a tooth (not bad after 20 months), and I never knew it had happened.

Packaging, finish and speed of delivery were great again, and the price is entirely reasonable too. I have binned all my other (el cheapo) cogs which have lost a chain on two occasions - this has never happened with my AB cog, maybe it's the fact that the cogs are NW, maybe something else...? The extra width also means no perceptible damage to the freewheel body.

The oval chain ring does change the tension a wee bit on an SS as it goes around, but with a bit of persistence you can find the right spot.
#91 32t and 28t SRAM DM OvalCrafty 2016-11-29 07:13
I've been mashing your oval rings since the first batch hit US soil in early 2014. From the first ride, the benefits were very noticeable. It's difficult to describe...it's like my pedal stroke was cut by 10-15%. You know, that last bit of grunt on a steep climb or technical maneuver when you're about to stall out? It's gone. That's the best description I can give. I run oval on both my full squish and single speed, and the benefits on the SS are huge! There's only one problem though (not for me). Both of my rings show very little wear after thousands of miles. The anodized finish is still nearly perfect, even on the teeth!

Thank you for providing such a quality, innovative product!!!
#90 34T & 50T 110 BCDMichael Raider 2016-11-28 00:18
I bought the 34T first and after riding for a month I decided to also get the 50T. I had a noticeable improvement in climbing with the 34T. The 50T took a bit to get used to as I was finding that my cadence was lower than before. After about a half-dozen rides I back to spinning my normal 90-100 RPM on the flats.

Shifting feels a bit quicker than on my round Sram rings.

Be sure to put the small ring on correctly!

Bottom line: better climbing and I feel faster on the flats now that I am used to the big ring.
#89 30T Chain Ring "racing red"Craig C 2016-11-14 16:30
I wanted to let you know that I did take your advice and I ordered a 30T absolute black sprocket. I must say after just a few rides I am truly in love with this product. I definitely feel less fatigue on the bike and after riding. It is so refreshing when you receive a product and it works exactly as advertised. Phenomenal product, incredible response time by staff, On time delivery and easy installation. You have earned a customer for life!

Craig C
#88 Oval 30 tooth 104bcd chainring in anodized redJeffrey Davis 2016-11-14 12:38
Just converted my 2x10 setup to 1x10. I wanted a 30t chainring to keep the same low end gearing (when adding a 40t cog to my cassette), but I also wanted to try out an oval ring since everyone seems to rave about how much of a difference a make.

I'm glad absoluteBLACK found a way to make an oval 30t in the 104bcd!

I expected to feel some difference, but I honestly couldn't have dreamed it would have made that much difference! Wow! It's true that it's difficult to explain the sensation. You don't realize what a dead spot there is at the 5-7 o'clock position of your pedal stroke until it's not there anymore.

I can't express what a difference it the oval ring makes in steady climbs, but also in increased power for punchy climbs or to get up and over an obstacle.
#87 30T xt8000Jul 2016-11-08 19:28
I just wanted to drop you a line after my first ride with my absolute black oval chainring, I bought a 30t oval for my 1x11 xt m8000 for my EVIL The Following. Now I must admit that I was skeptical but it was the only ring that would work and give me a 28t range on the front, so I bought one.

WOW! I have been riding mtb' for 25yrs & you guys have solved a problem that I didn't really think needed solving. I tried the ring out today for the first time at Afan Argoed on The Blade, it is really amazing how the oval ring smoothed out the torque curve when climbing, no loss of traction due to over torque, no disproportionate effort on the down stroke, no pedalling squares, no stalling, really amazing.

The other revelation was when pedalling through whoopy sections there was just a steady cadence, no bottom out bump, no spin out on the down slope & no over torque on the up slope.

I am a convert, the oval ring is an amazing piece of kit for the 1 x 11 drive train, I will fit one to my single speed, I'm sure there will be a marked improvement in pedalling efficiency here.

Thanks for your hard work & development of this product
#86 36T 110 BCDMark 2016-11-01 11:56
It's always nice when your product turns up impeccably packaged and presented well - especially with a nice touch like the foil decal for the bike!

The machining is beautifullly done and sits on the dura ace seating lugs just like the original making for a very easy diy. Having a red decal saying "This side out" would save a few minutes.

The climb output as a result of clever manipulation of the biomechanics of a pedal stroke is sublime! I can get "over" the top of the gear I am in and I climb better for it
#85 30T Oval 104bcdtc 2016-10-17 16:53
Fantastic. 30T Oval running on Power2Max power meter perfectly.. It does tend to collect dirt and other crud, but also allows for low gears on big climbs on long days.

SMALLEST TRACTION RING AVAILABLE FOR THE POWER2MAX meter. Might fit on other 104bcd power meters.
#84 104BCD 30tNick Bird 2016-10-17 12:01
Rode for the first time my World Cup Epic on training group session on Saturday., gearing was perfect with the New 30T.. chased down better/ younger rides who normally have an advantage over me on the longer ( power sapping) technical climbs not the case this time with better cadence on the climbs- tempo based technical 5-15min efforts.. much improved!!
Thks again.
#83 winter training rings ovalAndy 2016-09-27 19:43
Wow thanks guys if the rings provide half the quality of service it'll be amazing ,I ordered 50t &34t on Monday afternoon hadn't paid for express delivery so was looking forward to end of week to receive them ,but low and behold got back home Tuesday lunchtime rings awaiting ,duly fitted also such easy process ,a round the block ride to iron out any possible issues and none ,so once again thank you ,
#82 30T OVALBrian 2016-09-27 16:58
Recently installed the 30T OVAL, results were amazing, exactly what I needed for a faster ride and efficient climbing! Did not notice the Oval!
#81 32T Oval 104bcdTim 2016-09-23 12:23
I've fitted an Oval 32T Chain ring as part of my 1 x 11 conversion. (Shimano XT)
The Chain ring is very well made and finished, and fitted onto my existing XT HT2 Crank with no problems. I just used the existing crank bolts and tightened to the correct torque, I did use a spot of 'Locktite' on the treads as well.
On the first ride I did notice a slight 'pulsing' at first but I soon forgot about it. The pedal stroke just felt smoother and I was able to climb better as the power delivery was constant.
Whether is was psychological or not but I seemed to be able to push a higher gear on short steep climbs.
I don't think I'll be going back to a round 'ring anytime soon.
Top product - well recommended.
#80 raceface cinch 28tGiff Holmquist 2016-09-19 22:40
Great article to read abour Absoluteblack RF oval ring:

[not allowed to post links here]://thetruingstand.com/uncategorized/absoluteb lack-chainrings/
#79 road 130mm 2x oval and round chainringsMichael 2016-09-05 09:49
I'm using your chainrings on my tandem, with a pair of 53/39 oval rings on the drive and a pair of round wide/narrow rings for the timing chain. The tandem is now a 2x10 setup (was previously 3x10).

Nice step up in power and the wide/narrow profile has made the timing chain feel smoother (and needs less tension to keep it on). Great product and you should think about advertising for tandem applications.

#78 Road chain ringsJames Hustwayte 2016-09-03 16:18
I bought these 3 weeks before embarking on London to Paris, I felt the difference straight away with pedal strokes feeling more direct and climbing feeling easier.
After 3 days riding and nearly 15000ft of climbing my legs felt fresh with no signs of fatigue. Believe the hype people.
#77 32T XTR M9000 oval chainringTom 2016-08-31 14:00
I expected it to feel different, but my initial impression at a normal cadence was that it felt almost exactly the same as any new ring and chain. Very smooth, otherwise normal, and certainly not weird. Jump forward several months, and I will never go back to round rings for MTB. The oval design is so valuable any time you're off cadence. On a steep hill with changing gradients but no chance to shift, or a climb with roots that slow you down for a few pedal strokes... or when the rider in front of you gets hung up on something unexpectedly and you have to track stand before trying to ride over it yourself with no momentum. This ring turns what would be mashing into a considerably more fluid, natural-feeling effort and motion. In turn, I'm less likely to break traction or unintentionally lift my front wheel, my knees thank me, and I feel less worn out by the end of a ride. TBH, I think it's a matter of time before oval rings are the norm, and round rings are a relic that people in the know generally avoid. Other than the ovality, the ring has been great in every other way as well. Smooth and silent.
#76 Oval chainring & oval bashguideDarren Jacob 2016-08-29 21:35
Superb quality and a real game changer!! Been using the chainring for a long time and can honestly say that it's the best upgrade that I've put on my AM bike. Really do feel the benefits just fitted oval bashguide excellent quality and so simple to fit and set!!! Absolute black products are super high quality and there service is second to none!!!
#75 SHIMANO OVAL XT M8000 / SLX M7000 TRACTION CHAINRINGMark Miller 2016-08-28 17:40
Super happy with my SHIMANO OVAL XT M8000 TRACTION CHAINRING. I opted up to a 34T from a 32T XT and couldn't be happier. I don't feel any weirdness from the shape but there certainly is a difference in better traction and power in climbs. Slightly harder granny from the 32T XT but with a payoff of better performance and a higher top speed. Fit and finish are excellent. I ordered a second one for wear and tare. My 1X has never dropped a chain so no surprise there. I'm definitely an AbsoluteBlack Oval convert.
#74 30T Raceface Cinch Oval chainringAlan Renshaw 2016-08-27 22:05
I purchased a 30T oval chainring for my Raceface Cinch cranks for my 1x11 drivetrain I decided to buy one because I have arthritis in both my knees, my left being so bad that I am getting a total knee replacement on my left knee in the new year.

I emailed the guys for advice on what size to buy and received a reply within two hours. After delivery I fitted the ring (quality is superb by the way) and after two rides I am very impressed. After ten minutes I stopped noticing that it was oval and I have never dropped the chain. With regard to the effect on my knees, it has been very noticeable. I seem to be able to push hard up climbs but nearly all the pressure through my knees seems to have gone. My knees definitely feel better after a ride. Also in some sections I seem to be pushing one or sometimes two gears harder. I was going to get rid of my SRAM 1x11 and change over to 2x11 Shimano XT (at a cost of about £350) but so far I'm happy to stick with the current set up. Next purchase is an inner oval ring for my road bike.

For me so far the futures bright, the futures oval.
#73 SRAM GXP OVALJustin 2016-08-25 09:13
Oval Black did not disappoint in Downieville! First time in its history that the race sold out, completely in both XC and all-mountain divisions,
650+ riders.
I raced XC, cat 1, ages 29-44. 15th place, stoked! Would've placed 34th in pro:). Pass on the good news, you guys have a ring like no other, I'll be spinning Absolute Black from here out.
#72 32T OVAL MTB AB RingScot 2016-08-18 12:53
Initially, reluctant ...However, after riding my 29er with a 1 x 11 cogset (10/42) I was very impressed with the power distribution and no knee pain. AB undoubtable got it nailed! ...YOU won't even know your are riding an OVAL after 15 minutes time.
#71 Road ChainringsSteve 2016-08-13 17:33
In the last 10 weeks since I have fitted the Absolute Black chain rings to two bikes, we covered 4,360 kilometres, and 75,000 meters of elevation gain,! Not only were the Absolute Black chainrings faultless, but our climbing pace and consistency improved significantly.
It only took half an hour for our legs to settle in, and after that each new ride it felt like normal.....until I got back on a bike of the same model. with normal chainrings.. Needless to say I'm back on the Absolute Black rings again.
Thanks guys for providing a product that delivers on its promise.
#70 Road Oval ChainringsPeter Humphreys 2016-07-27 10:26
Just ordered another set! Fitted my first set and they did everything you said they would......and for me, most importantly, after 46 years of cycling, my knees love them ( and now hate round rings! ). That's 3 of my bikes that will now be on Absolute Black!!!
#69 Oval road 50/34steve 2016-07-16 00:14
Works as advertised. One of the best urgrade you can do to your bike. With this combo climbing is easier and I notice a little more speed on the flat sections too. I also recover faster after long climbs and shifting is very smooth.
If you want a little edge that will help you go a little faster and ride a little longer, look no further. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend it. Basically this is a chainring on steroids! And the look of this chainring is killer!!!!
#68 26 oval Mtn Bike RingDoug 2016-07-13 16:07
I have been mountain biking for about 15 years and have ridden some very high end bikes with always all of the best technology (some not so good). I have innovated products as well and although understood the technology in Absolute Black's elliptical/oval chainrings, I really considered them to be a 'novelty' as opposed to a really advantageous tool. I ordered one for my high end SC Nomad IIIc mtn bike and bolted it on when it arrived. I have no cartilage in my right lateral knee and I found after a one hour longer ride of 4 1/2 hours of climbing and descending, I not only could climb trails I gassed out on, but the smooth even force on my knee reduced the pain to go along with the phenomenal climbing ability. I LOVE it when technology works......good job gentlemen and keep up the good work.....you have a loyal convert and believer in me.
Doug Lockhart, Vancouver Island, B.C.
I put this oval on my MTN Bike and left my brother in the dust on a CX ride. I'll be putting them on my road bike now.
#66 oval 36tperds 2016-07-12 13:45
in my 1x, i started with 32t on hill repeats, now on 36t. absolute black chainrings very good for training even on flatpedals.
#65 Mtb 34tKristoffer Mellstrom 2016-07-07 15:02
I got two chainrings one 34t for my scalpel and a 32t for my s works epic. These products are amazing and the support of getting the correct chainring has been flawless. The product is amazing I can ride two gears harder on every climb and my rotation is a lot faster. If you want to have a better rider and climb faster you have to get AbsoluteBlack Oval chainrings.
#64 RF CinchJeremy 2016-07-06 16:34
The biggest ring available for the Cinch is a 34t and i've been told that, on the power stroke, it would act like a 36t ring. Well I am writing this email to tell you how right you were!
I love the ring, and have talked three of my customers into ordering them as well. So far 100% satisfaction!
I recently road the Dirty Kanza 200, if you are not familiar, it is a 200 miles of gravel and minimum maintenance roads through the Flint Hills of Kansas, in one day. Very tough ride with over 10,000 feet of elevation gain! I am convinced that the ring helped me finish 207.21 miles.
In August, I am going to complete in the Maah Daah Hey 100 mountain bike race in North Dakota. 100 miles of mountain bike single track in one day, with almost 12,000 feet of elevation gain! I am confident that my Absolute Black oval ring will once again help me to the finish line.
#63 Road oval chainringsRhydian Rees 2016-07-06 16:22
Wow, I don't think I could ever go back to round again. Takes a little getting used to shifting up on the front but riding normally you wouldn't notice a lot of difference. Hit an incline and it how peddling should be! Thanks for changing riding forever.
#62 Premium OVAL ROAD 50/34 and WINTER OVAL ROAD 50/34Ash 2016-06-29 03:26
I've had these rings for a while now and couldn't be happier. The machining on these rings is fantastic and the shifting performance is at least on par with the standard Shimano rings. They really suit my riding style (climbing in the saddle) and I can really keep the power level up when climbing shorter hills. The customer service has also been great, fast replies to all my email queries.
#61 road oval chainringsCraig 2016-06-28 13:11
Having used Rotor Chainrings for over two years on my road bike, I decided to change over to absoluteBLACK - the difference is night and day. Shifting is way smoother, and no extras required to sort out the front mech. Might just have to swap out my other two chainsets to absoluteBLACK chainrings. In a word - Superb!
#60 oval 32TNigel 2016-06-26 10:16
I live in the UK and I race cross country mountain bike and 4 years ago I nearly died in a training accident. I'm currently trying to get back to my previous form and I think I'm there but I noticed after my accident something had changed and at 53 I haven't got much time to get my form perfect, so I decided to try your oval chainrings and I can tell you what a revelation it has been. I took it to my local trails today and I seemed to flow over very wet and slippy roots and breezed around corners much smoother. I must have been pedalling with a very jerky motion on a normal, circular chainring, but now everything is much smoother and faster using your oval chainring so I'd just like to say thank you and I'm a complete convert and will always use absolute black oval mtb chainrings.
#59 32T oval 104bcdLargeCanyon 2016-06-25 10:03
Shifting to oval made me 3% faster on singletrail on at 1 hour ride. It's just faster going up. The effect has stayed over the last month. I've ridden the same trail for years at the same pace and time... Suddenly af few minutes disappeared from strava!
Doesn't feel weird at all / if anything more natural flow for my legs.
I'm a 201cm tall guy / and this feels more ergonomic and natural for long legs...
*(riding 1x10 with 11/36 rear and 32 oval nw up front. Used to have round 32 in front chainring)
#58 40t cassette cog and 32t ovalRichard Jacinto 2016-06-23 21:45
It works great with my 10 speed derailleur. Just needed to use a little more b-screw tension. I'm now running it with an 11 speed XT GS cage and my 10 speed shifter. Much lighter shift action, even with the clutch.

The oval chainring makes out of the saddle climbing easier and I can maintain a much higher seated climbing cadence.
#57 oval chainringJohn 2016-06-10 12:51
Wow! I can't put it in words other than the 1x oval chain ring I just installed on wed rode 1st time at santos today. For me this is the best up grade I have bought in the last 15 years.
#56 36T Road Inner ChainringRob Davis 2016-05-30 03:44
I initially wanted it off my bike. This was due to spinning to high. I've continued to get used to it and now am relying on the AB inner ring as I feel stronger using your product. Shifting is great Next step is put on your outer chainring! I'm a believer!!!
#55 SRAM GXP+AB Direct Mount oval 32Erik Olsson 2016-05-25 00:09
I had been reading reviews on AB products for a while and was impressed by their look and weight along with the obvious R&D that went into their creation. I have spent time on Rotor Q-Rings and I enjoyed the power and the fact that my knees didn't hurt as much as with round rings. After changing from a 2x10 setup to a 1x11 I decided that it was time to try out an AB Direct Mount GXP Oval 32. One thing that I'd like to add is that the AB oval has a great percentage of ovality making all of the aspects of this type of system more dramatic. The end result has been a good list of improvements over my previous round ring. First, my knees feel much better on long rides, second is that I'm able to maintain a higher speed with a lower heart rate, third is a huge improvement in climbing traction, and fourth is a much lighter build. If you're considering a way to improve your riding experience and have a better looking rig this is a great place to start.
#54 SRAM ovalKristof Lecocq 2016-05-24 15:35
I ride the AB oval chain ring for more than a year now in the most different conditions from the Belgian mud to the Spanish dust.
In all that time the chain didn’t dropped a single time! I love the way the oval chainring provides traction in the mud and on steep climbs!
Great job done guys!
#53 direct mount sram 32Kristof 2016-05-19 15:09
I ride the AB oval chain ring for more than a year now in the most different conditions from the Belgian mud to the Spanish dust.
In all that time the chain didn’t dropped a single time! I love the way the oval chainring provides traction in the mud and on steep climbs!
Great job done guys!
#52 SRAM GXP+AB oval 32Neil B 2016-04-09 08:34
Hi Marcin,
I fitted the AB oval Sram GXP chainring and new chain/cassette and went for my first ride today. I received it a while back, but didn't want to use it whilst we still had a lot of mud. The 28T (direct mount GXP, one of yours) I took off still has life in it after many months use in some awful mud - I'm pleased to say.
Well, I am entirely amazed by the smoothing of pedalling with the oval ring, I always believed the theory but had never tried it. There is an MBUK / Fabien Barel tuition DVD with a section on climbing, he stands and is just so smooth on very steep loose terrain. My smoothness today had that same feeling, stronger through the whole pedal stroke.
I'll never climb like Fabien but anything that makes standing climbing on a low traction surface more feasible is a great thing to have. Didn't feel any harder to turn than the 28 either.
In short, I am amazed. It was as good for my ego as having a new bike, less bob on my 171 travel Nicolai AM with the smoother stroke too.
Well gone for redesigning the Biopace concept and getting it right.
Happy trails.
#51 28T oval direct mountJeff Rocco 2016-04-03 16:59
This works great. Compared to round 28 T ring on the same climb, the oval ring was 10% faster and my average heart rate was about 8 beats lower. Also noted less strain on my patella. Pedal stroke only felt strange for about a minute. I have previously used Rotor Q rings.
What's not to like? Faster riding with less cardiac and less musculoskeletal stress.
#50 MultipleEammon Carleton 2016-04-01 20:32
Picked up an AbsoluteBLACK oval ring for my Bronson last season and it seemed to have helped with some knee pain I was experiencing. Today I got a package with two more for my rigid singlespeed Karate Monkey and my Rohloff equipped Moonlander. Can't wait to see how these feel on those two rigs.
#49 SRAM DM BB30Adam Hart 2016-03-11 20:08
After a 5 year brake in cycling I decided to roll again last April. Almost a year later i'm getting serious again. Back in the day I used to race quite a bit. I even had support from Trek as one of their 29er Crew team members. I really loved putting the hammer down on the race course giving it all I had. I was never quite "Pro" caliber but I was a Cat 1 level mountain bike racer and enjoyed it immensely. I raced on a geared bike as well as a Singlespeed, XC courses and endurance lengths. Soon enough life took over and I had to call it quits for a while. I sold all my bikes and moved on.

Married now with a loving Singlespeed racing wife, two little girls and one on the way I once again have wheels under me for at least 70 miles a week, all dirt. As my fitness built I wanted more performance out of my bike. I bought a stiff and light set of wheels and a bigger chainring for my 2x10 setup. I got fitter and faster over the last year and now it was time to really get my power to the ground.I changed things up to a bike with a 1x11 and a solid rear end.

Back in the day I used a Rotor Ring and felt petty good results on my Singlespeed. So of course this time around I was thinking of getting another one. As I began my search I found an add on Facebook for Absolute Black Oval chainrings. A lot had changed in the mountain biking industry in the 5 years I hadn't been around. So instead of just going with Rotor Ring I read reviews on ABO's and I just couldn't find a bad review. Of course some guys were installing them and taking them off because they decided they just felt wrong but they didn't take something into account. They were just pedaling wrong, quite squarely actually, just like the rest of us. They didn't give the rings a chance to smooth things out. No worries tho cause they will be back. All the other reviews were astounding!

These rings work. They are not a fad and when people really catch on and come to realize the many benefits of using one, the face of mountain bike racing is going to change. A racer or weekend athlete who is already strong with a round ring will start to think after a hard day on the bike, how much better could I have done on an ABO??? 1x11 is catching on to the every day rider, not just the racers. It could really get more people on these rings and as they made the transition to 1x11 they would most definitively get one then as well.

So those are my thoughts and testimony on the awesomeness of Absolute Black Oval chainrings. I really look forward to spreading the word.
#48 Oval road 36TDustin 2016-02-24 14:15
Being 6'1" and a lean 84kg's I don't climb as well I'd like, thats just my genetics, so I look for every advantage I can get over my 70kg comrades. Other than the chainrings looking like something that should be hung on the wall they have definitely helped me bridge the gap on the lighter guys. You find yourself being able to carry an extra gear with out any extra effort leaving you with that all important last gear up your sleeve if you need it! Looking forward to getting my hands on the 52t version on release soon.
#47 RF 30t ovalMatthew Bloch 2016-02-24 03:42
I have been running the ring on my specialized Fatboy for about 3 months with no issues. I love the way it feels when climbing. It really smooths things out and increases traction on the snow trails.
I will be installing AbsoluteBLACK oval rings on all of my bikes.
#46 OVAL 104BCD 32TPaolo G. 2016-02-22 22:13
Really impressed on how it works. Climbing seems easier now and when I need more power it's there...hard to describe but it works really really well...great upgrade so far!

A great note about the absoluteblack customer care: simply amazing. I've returned a previous order due to my fault on choosing the size and in few days I've got the full refound ...in few words...amazing
#45 30t Oval Chainring, direct mountMark Kligerman 2016-02-11 17:19
I am really impressed at just how well this product works. My knees love it and I am putting down the power easier than with a round ring. The quality is excellent too.
#44 34t oval 104BCDOscar 2016-02-10 08:51
Have been using this on my rigid single speed for a year now, paired with an 18t AB sprocket. Both look superb out of the box and are still in good nick despite it being my 'do-everything' bike. The oval chain ring really comes into its own on the climbs - smooth power delivery, especially when standing.

It won't be too long before we wonder why we ever had 30 gears and round chain rings!
#43 concave topcapJimbo 2016-02-04 16:09
Received this item today, its absolutely beautiful. Workmanship is highly impressive, so much so I'm back to check pit the chainrings, write this review and say a big thank you to a company that produces fair priced quality products.

Not many pictures on the web, but it is a deep blood red which is a great match for the kcnc anodised parts, theres no machine lines like you see on some pictures, very very smooth finish, almost liquid looking. Strong enough for what it needs to do without the excess. It doesn't seem much when your talking grams but compared to the standard chunk of drilled metal its feathery light.

No regrets at all.
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